A Career In Hairdressing Fareham College

On paper, it doesn’t seem such a long time ago that our fabulous CC was herself heading into Fareham College each day to complete her hairdressing training!  An incredible, fun-packed and ridiculously hard-working journey over the past 18 months has taken CC to a career that she couldn’t have even dreamed of only 2 years ago.
On Thursday, CC was invited to go to Fareham college to do a talk on her career to date and a master class for the students there.  It was an inspirational event and CC entertained students with stories of her career journey:  highlights including ‘that moment I found out that I had been chosen over so many others to be part of The Fellowship Colour Project Team’, being a national finalist in the milk_shake Creative Vision Live Competition held in London last November and of course, her Southern Stylist Of The The Year’ status!  CC went on to talk about the many occasions that she has travelled to industry events with Andrew and the Andrew Smith Artistic Team and performed live on stage to crowds of people.
Hairdressers In Fareham
‘ I was really excited when the college approached me, being a former student I felt it was a great way to show the students and even my old lecturers how far I have come within hairdressing since leaving’ CC added ‘ The students were brilliant, engaging and asking questions throughout. The feedback was lovely after which gave me a feeling of success and great to know I have been able to inspire them to push within the industry as they progress. I really enjoyed my first solo masterclass and hope to do more in future!’
Well done CC, we’re very proud of everything you’re achieving and the humble way in which you approach your success.  You’re an incredibly talented young lady with awesome drive and passion to develop your career and create beautiful hair.



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