Andrew was invited to join the Hot Tools Style Squad for their grand VIP product launch at a prestigious rooftop terrace in London.

Hosted on the roof of the National Theatre, with breathtaking, panoramic views across London, The Deck, was crammed with press, PR and VIP guests who were awaiting the unveil of Hot Tool’s new Curl Bar!

Guests listened to European Director, Jo Martin, open the evening with a well-received presentation followed by a live demonstration by Europe’s newly appointed ambassador Robert Eaton of the multi-award winning Russell Eaton Salon Group  .  VIP guests and members of Press were then able to join Andrew and the other Style Squad members for personalised consultations and styling time!

Andrew adds:  “being on the Style Squad is amazing as I get to showcase the new products and really wow the guests with its benefits. Hot Tools is set to be as huge in the UK as it is in the USA and to feel a small part of it is great.  I am really excited about the future!”

What is the Hot Tools Curl Bar?

The Hot Tools Curl Bar has been designed at a 90°angle to ensure the highest levels of comfort, keeping the wrist and arm at a natural position and allowing easy left to right-hand transition. (for all you lefties….this is so easy to use!).

The Curl Bar has built-in pulse technology that ensures it gets hot quickly and stays hot!  Via a digital temperature dial, you set a heat timer from between 1-10 seconds, it counts down and then vibrates when the optimum time is reached to ensure that all the curls are even and consistent.

Expect perfect curls every time!!!


Andrew quotes “I’m in love with the Curl Bar as it really does give us a new angle on curls!  No longer do stylists or clients have to try to stretch their arms to create curls or worry about the curls being inconsistent throughout the head due to the clever angle of the handle being at 90degrees. The timer is just the best little gadget as it can manually change the countdown to suit the thickness of the hair or to determine the longevity of the curl. Never before have we seen this clever design which leaves me thinking ‘why was this never created before?'”

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