Andrew Smith was delighted to be invited to represent milk_shake and lead the headlining team at this month’s Essex Hair Show event sponsored by milk_shake Essex.  Director of milk_shake Essex, Josie Deex-Newman, organised the event which saw the Essex team take centre stage showcasing a variety of interesting and inspirational concepts. is an outstanding organisation who provide hairdressing professionals with bespoke education in the way of hairdressing demonstrations and showcases. Their mission is to provide a platform of useful information and professional development opportunities to help hairdressers reach their full potential.  The organisation runs tailored events throughout the year that gives members unique access to outstanding education and training by award-winning stylists and hair artists.

Andrew commented ‘this was an incredible event, I just loved the whole concept.  It was brilliant to be amongst so many like-minded, passionate individuals who believe that you should never stop learning in this forever-evolving industry.  The atmosphere was awesome and so interactive.  I always love representing milk_shake and am very proud to work with the brand and it was fantastic to see the reactions and receive so much positive feedback from the audience when I demonstrated the product range.  Josie is such a professional and has so much industry knowledge to share, and Charmaine and the team from Pure of Colchester were also really inspirational – it was fantastic to have the opportunity to work with them’

Andrew is such a pleasure to work with and he was so well-received by the crowd.  His work is incredibly inspiring and he encourages excellent engagement and interaction with the audience.  Everyone was asking lots of questions and the feedback that I have received since has been so very encouraging‘  Josie continues to explain ‘we have had so many stylists contact our customer service team asking for more information about how they can now begin working with milk_shake after witnessing the milk_shake presentation at Essex’’
If you are a stylist or colourist and would like to know more about Andrew’s bespoke hairdressing courses, then please contact us at the salon directly for further information.

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