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Andrew Smith At Paris Fashion Week

   Andrew Smith travelled alongside British Education Manager Becky Wardrop to Paris Fashion Week to create the hair look for the Autumn Winter Anggy Haif 2017 Show over the weekend. […]

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Chanel Joan Elkayam’s London Show

Andrew recently joined the team of designers, make-up artists and photographers at fashion designer, Chanel Joan Elkayam’s fashion show in London. Andrew styled the hair of all the models at […]

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Andrew Smith Cannes Fashion Festival

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Andrew Smith Backstage At Cannes Andrew Smith and the team headed for Cannes to style the hair of models and VIP guests at the prestigious fashion event.  Andrew Smith […]

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LK Bennett Fashion Event

 Andrew Smith Wows The Audience at LK Bennett Fashion Event. Andrew and the team spent the evening styling the hair of LK Bennett’s catwalk models at the exclusive LK Bennett […]

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My Journal

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