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Salon Business Awards Ceremony

We enjoyed a sensational evening at The Salon Business Awards to celebrate Andrew’s place as a finalist in the Ultimate Stylist category.   On Monday 26th June, Andrew and the team were […]

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Andrew Works On The London Pride Campaign

Andrew enjoyed a fantastic two days working on the official pre-launch campaign for 2017’s London Pride. Andrew travelled to Covent Garden to join a small group of hair and make-up artists that […]

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The Wonderful World Of Hair Up’s

Welsh Woman’s Hairdresser Of The Year and milk_shake’s International Ambassador, Shelley Pengilly visited Hampshire to host her highly acclaimed World Of Updo’s Seminar during March and a selected group from […]

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The Perfect Bob Academy

Andrew enjoyed hosting yet another cutting course at The Wonderful Life Academy last week.  Andrew was joined by a group of passionate and talented hair stylists on his highly sought after […]

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My Journal

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